Calendar of Events

8th March:

SPECIAL LUNCH: KU Be Bold for Change, 1-3pm, PRJG1005

This is a lunch organised by the University to celebrate women staff across the university that are ‘bold for change’. This link provides more info:

TALK: How is prison-based education perceived by women ex-prisoners? 3-4:30pm, PRJG1005

This is a talk organised by the Criminology department about women ex-prisoners.

CLUB NIGHT: Lemonade + After Party (Feminist Society),  7pm onwards, Knights Park Bar

The Feminist Society and the Working Men’s Club collective have come together with support from the Union to host a club night on International Working Women’s Day! We will be screening Beyoncé’s lemonade, followed by a night of music and equality vibezzzzz…

9th March:

TRIP: Bubbly Black Girl, 5:30pm, Stratford East Theatre

To celebrate Women’s Month, we are offering 10 free tickets for students to go see the new musical ‘Bubbly Black Girl’.

ISOC Event: Female Hygiene Packs for Ananya Aid, 12pm onwards, Quiet Room - Faith Space, Penrhyn Road

As part of Sisters Week, ISOC will be creating female hygiene packs for women in Syria. The Sisters have been raising money throughout this week, and will be making packs of various products on this day. The products they will be giving include razors, toothpaste, sanitary towels and shampoo. Please note this event is womens only.

15th March:

FILM SCREENING: Irish Abortion Rights Campaign 4-6pm, PRJG3005

A student from the Irish Abortion Rights campaign will be coming to talk to us about the campaign and the situation in Ireland. This will be followed by a film screening.

16th March:

AFTERNOON TEA: Building Bridges (♀),2-4:00pm, PRJG2003

This is the second free afternoon tea where students are invited to come, meet one another and build bridges not walls over a cuppa and some cake. This is another womens only event.

LECTURE: Marie-Louise Krogh - On Gayatri Spivak, Critique of Postcolonial Reason, 11-12pm, PRJG2010

The Philosophy Department will be holding a lecture on Gayatri Spivak and post colonialism. Whilst philosophy often ignores women thinkers, this lecture will counter this narrative. 

LIVING WORD SOCIETY: CherishedJG5008, 6.30-9.30pm

Join us as we'll be exploring the worth, beauty and unique design of God’s daughters. In a day and age where gender can be much of a confusion and the original purpose of a Woman is far removed from societal norms we want to go back to our Creator to understand His definition and design. We aim to leave you feeling strengthened, equipped and empowered. We can’t wait to be with you.We'll be having special talks, discussions, games and free giveaways!

22nd March:

PANEL: 50/50 - Equality in Parliament, Location TBC

The Feminist Society will be holding a panel with the ‘50/50’ campaign, which aims to create a parliament where men & women legislate the laws of our land, together, in roughly equal numbers.

WORKSHOP: Craft for Equality, 11am-1pm, Knights Park Staff Room

Due to popular demand, we will be having another workshop that bounds together activism and craft. Expect badge makers, paint and lots of glitter!

28th March:

PERFORMANCE: Taking Race Live: Spaces of Race and Culture, 6pm onwards, St John the Evangelist Church, Grove Lane, Kingston Upon Thames

As part of the joint Music and Sociology department ‘Taking Race Live’ programme, students will be coming together for an evening of performances disseminating their learning.

31st March:

RESPONSES TO: Ain't I a Woman? All day, Union Social Space

On the final day of womens history month, students will be responding to the landmark speech by Sojourner Truth.