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Tel: 020 8417 2868

Address: Union of Kingston Students
Penrhyn Road
Kingston upon Thames

How to find us on campus.

Staff Directory

Sabbatical Officers 

President - Feisal Haji -
VP Activities & Development - Muna Ali -
VP Education - Muhammed Muneer -
VP Welfare - Hamad Momin -

Full Time Staff Team

For general enquiries, please contact


To book an appointment contact us at

Student Voice Manager – Natalie Forrester
Student Advisor – Terrine Richards
Student Advisor (part time) – Meymun Khalif-Musse


To talk to us about Sports, drop us an email at

To talk to us about Societies, drop us an email at

To talk to us about Volunteering, Skills & Development, drop us an email at

Student Opportunities Manager (Interim) – Charlie Hudson 
Senior Sports Coordinator – Annabel Mabin 
Societies Coordinator (Interim) – Noah Mackie              
Skills & Development Coordinator – Sam Barlow


To talk to us about representation and democracy, drop us an email at To talk to us about campaigns, drop us an email at

Student Voice Manager - Natalie Forrester
Representation Coordinator - Charlotte Dyett
Campaigns Coordinator - Ramla Salad


Want to advertise with us? Drop us an email at

Business Development Manager – Lewis Cotter -
Events and Sales Coordinator – Grace Richards -
Communications Coordinator – Lloyd Watson -


If you have a question about your finance for sports or societies, pop or an email.

Chief Executive – Jamie Stratton –
Central Services Manager – Joseph Asuquo –
Finance Coordinator – Colin Gibson –
Central Services Coordinator – Emily Taylor –