Climate change, energy supply and affordability, biodiversity, population growth and reduction in global resources will impact on everyone's future. Your Students’ Union is committed to representing your interests both inside and outside the lecture room. One of your union’s main priorities is to ensure that we are environmentally responsible in all our activities and projects and the way we work. 

Our Commitment 

Union of Kingston Students aspires to enable the next generation of leaders to imagine and create sustainable futures for people and planet. This commitment underpins our work across a range of different sustainability initiatives and why we partner with Kingston University to maximise the impact of both our work, building a more sustainable future for our members, the university and the wider world. Our work is informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Check out the video below to see what these are.

We are currently creating our Sustainability Srategy and will share it with you as soon as it is complete.

Kingston Students take part each year in:

Green Impact Students’ Union

Green Impact Students' Unions is the flagship sustainability accreditation scheme by Students' Organisaising for Sustainability, helping students' unions to green their campus, curriculum and community.  For decades students’ unions have been at the forefront of social and environmental campaigning and Union of Kingston Students have achieved bronze awards for the past couple of years and are aiming to make a bigger impact and win silver or gold!

Responsible Futures 

Union of Kingston Students aspires to enable the next generation of leaders to imagine and create sustainable futures for people planet.  This is why it partners with Kingston University to pursue Responsible Futures; a whole-institution change programme and accreditation mark designed by the National Union of Students to embed social responsibility and sustainability across the formal and informal curriculum.

Responsible Futures is an objective under the Education Strategy 2015-20 and it is a key intervention aimed to deliver the commitment in Led By Learning: “….we will include issues relating to sustainability and ethics in the curriculum” (clause 3.2).

Student Sustainability Working Group (SSWG)

This working group is for all Kingston University students who want to make a change in their campus and course through sustainability and ethics, and this group feeds into our Student Council, which is open to all Kingston students where our policies are adopted. Sustainability includes issues of social justice, poverty alleviation, climate change, quality of life, renewable energy, ecosystem preservation and responsible resource use. The Group aims to improve the learning opportunities and volunteering opportunities offered to Kingston students as well as the operations of the University environment. The responsibilities of the SSWG include sitting on strategic working groups to improve or co-design new services and activities (such as new learning opportunities, hybrid buses, reuse activities), organising events and campaigns (some in partnership with other UKS societies, green connectors programme and the University Sustainability Hub), supporting the Union with our Green Impact programme.

To join the working group email