BCAT - Better Catering at Kingston Campaign

Better Catering at Kingston Campaign (BCAT) aim is to increase quality and value of food and drink on offer at the university and to reduce the negative environmental, ethical and social impacts associated with food products and services and to provide healthy and sustainable food to students, and visitors across all campus sites.  We therefore commit to campaign for the following objectives across all university food outlets, to:

  1. Include environmental, ethical and social sustainability criteria, including availability of sustainably-certified products.
  2. Increase the quality variety and value of healthy options, and serve appropriate portion sizes to minimise food waste.
  3. Increase the availability of seasonal and local produce and products.
  4. Reduce the frequency and distance of food and drink delivery to, and across, KU.
  5. Reduce red meat and dairy products and provide vegan and vegetarian options.
  6. Source meat and dairy according to certified high animal welfare standards. All milk served to be certified Organic. Serve only free range whole eggs.
  7. Increase the proportion of MSC certified fish. Remove MSC 'fish to avoid'.
  8. Ban the use of bottled water and provide alternatives, including the provision of taps water and fountains in common rooms, teaching areas, canteens, offices and at events across the university.
  9. Ban the use of single use plastics and disposable items such as single use coffee cups.
  10. Encourage and lobby for the use of reusable cups, cutlery and crockery throughout the university.
  11. Reduce waste by giving preference to products manufactured and disposed of in an environmentally and socially responsible way.
  12. Compost food waste and increase recycling rates from catering activities, with a view to setting quantitative targets by 2015. Recycle all used cooking oil into bio-diesel.
  13. Encourage and lobby for sustainable catering across the university.


If you would like to get involved in this campaign, please email - studentsunion@kingston.ac.uk or join our Ethical Volunteering Working Group