Our Impact On The Environment

at UKS, we recognise our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. our only office is currently located on Penrhyn Road within the main uni building, we don't hold any separate utilities or waste contracts outside of the uni but where we are responsible, we make sure we take appropriate action.

where we can, we proactively work with the uni to positively influence on discussions and solutions to make our campuses more sustainable. examples of where the Union works collaboratively with uni services are:

  • catering group 
  • transport implimentation group
  • KU bus users group
  • KU fairtrade award group

we have identified specific environmental impacts that UKS has and what we are doing to reduce this impact. to see this report, click here 

it's an exciting time for sustainability at kingston both UKS and the uni are reviewing the work we do. at the moment we are developing our own sustainability strategy and action plan created and designed around students at KU. the uni is also currently re-writing its sustainability strategy an exciting development and we have been involved in the conversations to make sure the student voice is heard. As soon as this is available we will share it with you.

your Activities and Development Officer has weekly meetings the uni's sustainability team to work together on the development of sustainability on campus. to see more on all the work that KU is doing click here 

our latest reports and standards can be found here: