Equal Pay Day 2017


Join us on November 10th to start a conversation on equal pay. 

The current gender pay gap is 18% in the UK  and at the current rate we are going, equal pay will not be achieved for another 118 years. So that means that we will not achieve equal pay be in our children’s lives, or their children’s lives, or not even their children’s children’s lives--  which is pretty terrifying.

Because of this consistent problem, we are joining in a national campaign for people to walk out of their offices and classrooms at 3.34pm on the 10 of November. This time is significant because it represents the time that many women will be effectively working for free in the UK for the rest of the year. This is also not taking into consideration that the gender pay gap is even wider for women from marginalised groups such as women of colour, trans women and disabled women.

Last year we walked out, and our colleagues in the University joined in on the campaign, which you can see in pictures below. UCU, EDI and various student-led societies are joining in.

This year, November the 10th falls on a Friday afternoon, so if you or would like to join in then read up below on the GET INVOLVED section.

Dr Lucy Jones, the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Science Engineering and Computing and who leads the Athena Swan project in the university said,

“This is a really important issue in gender equality.  The pay gap is closing but so slowly that at the current rate it will take 113 years to close completely.  This is clearly unacceptable.  The university takes this issue very seriously and as part of our Athena Swan award work we have to demonstrate how we are working to close any pay gaps as well as ensuring that we are fully committed to be a fair and transparent employer who values all of staff equally.”

This year we do not currently have booked/planned activity up at Kingston Hill or Roehampton Vale due to lack of volunteers. If you would like to host an event on Friday the 10th to bring awareness to the campaign - please contact campaigns@kingston.ac.uk.