LGBT+ History Month 2018


LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) History Month takes place throughout the whole of Feburary. 

This month was historically founded the charity Schools Out. Taking place in February in the United Kingdom to mark the 2003 abolition of Section 28, it is a month of both celebration and reflection.

It is a time to celebrate the massive achievements of LGBT community, from the Marriage (Same Sex Couples Act) passing in England in 2013, to the age of consent being lowered to 16 as it is for straight people in 2001, to the recent changes in 2017 to reduce the deferral period of gay / bisexual men wishing to donate blood from 12 months to 3.

It is also a month; however, to reflect on the continual issues the LGBT community continues to face in society. In the UK, up to 24% of homeless people identify as LGBT. One in five LGBT people have experienced a hate crime or incident because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the last 12 months. 

This year the Union of Kingston Students will be collaborating with societies, academics, and other organisations to host up to 28 events! Take a look below to see what is on... 



What's On For LGBT History Month 2018?

List of Talks

6th February
The History of LGBT+ Symbols, 6PM, PRJG2003. 

7th February
The Litmus Test of Pride, 1PM, PRJG5005.

9th February
LGBT People in the Tech Industry, 4PM, PRJG5010 ,

13th February
The Unwhitewashing of Stonewall, 6PM, PRJG2003

15th February
Amnesty International Society Present: Amnesty LGBT Network Talk, 6:30PM, PRJG2003

19th February
Open Classroom: Queer Political Thought, 1PM, PRJG5002

22nd February
Gender Recognition Act, 5PM, PRJG1003

26th February 
Exploring Disasbility and LGBT Identities, 6PM, PRJG2003

27th February
Being Trans In This Day & Age, 6PM, PRJG2003


List of Film Screenings

2nd February 
Cinema Appreciation Society Present: The Handmaiden, 6PM, Clattern Lecture Theatre

5th February
Documentary Screening: Samira, 1PM, Union Social Space 

9th February
Cinema Appreciation Society & LGBT Society Present: Paris is Burning, 6PM, Clattern Lecture Theatre 

20th February
Cinema Appreciation Society  & LGBT Society Present: Looking for Langston, 7PM, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs 

23rd February
Cinema Appreciation Society & LGBT Society Present: The Way He Looks, 6PM, Clattern Lecture Theatre 

27th February 
Cinema Appreciation Society Present: Moonlight, 6PM, JG003


List of Campaigns

1st February
Stall: LGBT History Month Launch, 12PM, Penrhyn Road Corridor

8th February
Amnesty International Campaign: Sakiris and Trans Rights, 3PM, Penrhyn Road Corridor

21st February
Amnesty International Campaign: Write4Rights Bangladesh, 4PM, Union Social Space 


List of Other Events

10th February
Theatre Trip: We Came to Sweat, 7PM, Bernie Grant Arts Centre 

14th February
LGBT Society: Trans Clothes Swap, 5PM, PRJG1001

20th February
Exhibition: Memes and LGBT Culture, All Day, Union Social Space