NUS Delegate Elections 2018

NUS Delegates   

The following has been elected to be the NUS Delegates for 2018. 

Feisal Haji Manifesto 

Petar Lachev Manifesto 

Kamal Mohmaed Manifesto 

Xheni Brahaxhija Manifesto

Muna Ali Manifesto 

Daisy Du Toit Manifesto 

A full breakdown of the results is broken down into two, reserved spaces and unreserved spaces. Any questions about the result, please email

NUS Delegate Role  

The role of the 6 NUS Delegates is to attend the National Union of Students (NUS) National Conference in March and represent the views of Kingston students. Delegates can get involved in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Submitting motions to be debated at the Conference
  • Voting on NUS’ future policy direction and national officer elections.
  • Networking with other delegates and represent the Union in a positive manner.

The Union of Kingston Students has an entitlement of 6 Delegates of which 50% of delegation must self-define as a woman (rounded down). This is in line with the NUS rules on 'fair representation' for all Students' Union delegations for NUS National Conference. 

NUS National Conference 2018 will take place from 27-29th March  –  SEC Armadilo, Glasgow.  Please note that the Union will pay for the costs associated with this event i.e. travel, accomodation & food.

The National Conference

This is the sovereign policy making body of the National Union of Students. It sets policy for the year ahead in each of the 5 zones and elects the President, Vice Presidents and Block of 15 representatives on the National Executive Council. It is also where the NUS budget for the year ahead is decided through the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Delegates can also submit their own policy to National Conference and if passed by the majority will secure support from the NUS.

To find out more about the conference please visit NUS website