As your Students' Union, we're here to represent you during your time at Kingston.  We do that in lots of different ways.  The Representation team in the Union helps students to carry out their own campaigns, give independant advice, and try our best to make sure that the student voice is what guides us as an organisation.

There are two important ways we try to champion the student voice:

1) Through your sabbatical officer team.  This is a team made up of four students, one from each campus, who have been elected by the rest of the student population to become employed full time in the students union to represent your views to the university.  These elections happen every year and any student can stand for nominations in the student elections.  You will have to develop a manifesto of policies which you will work on if elected and campaign on campus for a full week from when voting opens and until it finishes.  More information about the student elections will be available early January but in the mean time if you're thinking about running in the elections contact your current campus officer for more information about their role.

2) The second way we champion the student voice is through the Big Student Meeting (BSM).  This is a meeting open to all students and is a chance for you to ask the officers what they have been doing to support your views.  This is also a chance for you to propose a motion.  A motion is like policy which if passed on by the students in the meeting gains the support of the student union.  This means that we will lobby the university to achieve the aims of the motion and will take a stance in support of it.  Motions can be about almost anything but are usually to do with life at Kingston.  After motions are passed at the BSM they are updated on our website on the student voice page. This is where we will update you on the progress made with the motions and is also a space where you can propose ideas and petitions without coming to the BSM.  If they idea or petition you post gets a lot of 'likes' from students then the Union will consider implementing it into a form of action.