our biggest meeting of the year is the Annual General Meeting (AGM), otherwise known as the Big Student Meeting (BSM) which took place on the 18th January 2018 at 4pm in the Jacquilene Wilson Hall on the Penrhyn Road Campus.

an AGM is for all Kingston students to receive reports on and have their say about:

  • union’s annual report and accounts
  • find out what we’ve been doing for you in the last year
  • discuss the things that are important for you and making policy
  • ask questions of your elected officers.

the Big Student Meeting gives all students the opportunity to implement policy through the submission of a motion. a motion can be proposed by any student and can cover a wide range of issues. if a motion is passed at the Meeting then the union are mandated to facilitate it. please note that any motions which have financial, legal or reputation risks may be overturned by the Trustee Board.  

all motions passed at The Big Student Meeting can be found here. the minutes from this meeting can be found here 

important documents