About Me

Hi. I feel very grateful to have been elected as the Kingston Hill Campus Officer leading on Student Activities. My dream is to eventually work in the government in my home country Bulgaria, and my main goal at the moment is to do a great job for all students within Kingston University.

I graduated with a first class honours degree in BSc Business Management. While studying I also completed a yearlong industrial placement with KU Talent (Kingston University’s Careers Service). During my time at Kingston, I volunteered in Ghana, Africa where I lived in an orphanage and taught English at a local school. I was also involved in sports (winning a Silver medal in Jiutsu at a national stage) and enterprise (winning the Enteprise Champion 2017 Award).

My Role

My main responsibility is to give a voice and add value to all students within Kingston University. This involves listening to their concerns and doing everything within my abilities to support them either through signposting them or raising their challenges with the University’s members. As the Kingston Hill Campus Officer, I will create an on-campus awareness of our Student Union services and how we can enrich students’ lives. In addition, increasing the amount of students to be involved in sports, societies and enterprise will be another key priority. 

My Manifesto

Contact Details

Email: P.Lachev@kingston.ac.uk