About Me

Hi. I feel very grateful to have been re-elected as the Kingston Hill Officer and this year I will be leading on Student Welfare. I’ve had an amazing first year and have worked very hard to implement legacies for our University’s future and strengthen the image of our Student Union. Some of my first year achievements include:

  1. Securing a night Time Bus over the Fresher’s Period.
  2. Business School Space at Kingston Hill for our Student Advisor.
  3. Passing a policy to make sure future Officers will be involved with our HSCE Faculty.
  4. Improving the water fountains across the University (drinking pipes have now been installed because of a feedback we received from a student).
  5. Running Self-Protection Seminars. As a result, they University ran self-defence and boxing classes.
  6. Strengthening the Keep Wednesday Afternoon Campaign.
  7. Closer working relationship with the Senior Members of the University.
  8. Getting the Kingston Hill Prayer Room space back on the University’s agenda.

My main responsibility is to give a voice and add value to all students within Kingston University. This involves listening to their concerns and doing everything within my abilities to support them either through signposting or raising their challenges with the University’s Senior Members.

Email: P.Lachev@kingston.ac.uk