My Role

Hi Im Elliot your Knights Park Officer, And also I’m doing activities and societies as my second remit, My main Goals this year are to help students out with there day to day lives, and save students money, I also want students to enjoy their time at Kingston, and am more then happy to help a student out if they are running an event or need help with something that can help their degree.

// Instagram: @elliot.spiers


My manifesto points are : 

// Cheaper & better quality canteen food.

// Keep Knights Park Bar open.

// Cashpoint (ATM) put in at Knights Park.

// Bring back the night bus.

// More Laptops made available to book out.

// More Taps to refill water bottles.

// More Vegan Options in the canteen.

// Bring back a student bar at Penryhn.

// New tables in the canteen with benches and Plug/USB sockets built in.

// Cheaper Printing.

// Sheltered smoking areas.

// Regular Student Union night life Events.

// Multi use Studios, where multiple courses can work in the same space.

e.g. Fashion + Graphics.

// Keep everyone updated with the changes happening around the university.

eg: New dean, Closure of KP Bar.

// Provide a service allowing students to Collaborate with people from different courses on briefs.

// KU Bikes at every Campus, Halls and the centre of town.

// Turn the staff space into a student space with beanbags, sofas and a Pool Table.

// Better discounted Tea & Coffee If you reuse your cup.