The results are in!!!

UKS would like to say a huge congratulations to all who took part in the elections!


Your Representatives are:

Nafeessa Hossain- Independent Chair


Christopher Ulus- Open Rep

George Gaid- Open Rep

Ihab Zertal- Open Rep

Zahra Khan- Open Rep


Daniel Bakic- disabled and mental health Community rep

Aaditya Dixit- Postgrad and Part Time Community Rep

Shane Simpkin- LGBT+ Community Rep

Christina Alexakou- Womens Community Rep 


Rashi Somaiya- Kingston Hill Campus Rep

Cara Gaskell- Knights Park Campus Rep

Cecilia Arminio- Penrhyn Road Campus Rep

Yashvith- Roehampton Vale Campus Rep


if you missed out on the chance to nominate yourself and fancy having a pop and representing your fellow students, have no fear! follow the link here to find out how by the 13th November at 5pm


while your here, why not check out what your Student Council did last year by looking below or find out what policies are active and read up on what motions are and how you can submit them.

if this has inspired you to get involved, we still have some vacant positions, more information can be found here