This is how you'll be represented

The results are in, and here's what going to happen. 

So we talked with students, and it was clear that you didn’t know how your views were represented and what we (the Students’ Union) were doing about doing about it. 

We had four full-time student representatives, who're meant be out and about representing your views. And we want to make sure they had the right roles.  

So, we went out armed with super cute guides, with three potential options. 

And over the course of a week, we got over 600 students to read what they wanted, then gave them a pen to cast their votes in order of preference.

sTuDeNt dEmOcRaCy aCtUaLlY MaTtErS

Here's the results:

→ 591 votes were valid votes (the others were spoiled)
→  3 abstentions

→ 166 votes | Option 1. President and student staff
→ 321 votes | Option 2. President and specific roles *Winner!*
→ 101 votes | Option 3. Keep it the same

So, since we're doing a preferential voting system, the winning one is Option 2. [Facts: with 591 possible valid votes, the quota for winning is 296 votes, and as the number of first preference votes for Option 2. surpassed that, we've got a clear winner]

What happens now?

BAM! We're implementing the new structure.
You'll have a full-time student President in charge of student issues. And three full-time student officers covering: Activities and Development, Education, and Welfare. 

We haven't forgotten about campuses, we'll be electing campus representatives as well. Phew! 

What's in the role


Chair of the Board of Trustees and represents the Union on the Board of Governors. Lead Officer on the development of the Union, strategic oversight of the Union's commercial services and spokesperson.

Activities and Development Officer

Lead Officer on Student Activities, including sports, societies and volunteering. Additionally covers student skills and development, around developing student careers. Attends relevant University committees to the role.

Education Officer

Lead Officer on Education, including oversight of learning spaces, course representatives and focusing on students' educational experience. Attends relevant University committees to the role, such as Senate, Board of Governors sub-committees and Education committee and leads on academic policy reviews.

Welfare Officer

Lead Officer on Student Welfare, including oversight of the Union's Advice Service and areas such as student finances, mental health, liberation and housing. Attends relevant University committees to this role and leads on non-academic policy reviews.


You can now stand (yes, right now) for these new full time roles. Nominations open today, and you'll get to vote for who you think are the right candidates from the 19th Feb. They'll start representing you in August, and stay for an entire year. 

If you'd like to stand read more about the steps to nominatate yourself. or drop us a WhatsApp message on (+44) 078 9822 9621, and we'll do our best to answer any questions you have. 

Best of luck, 

Your friends at the Union of Kingston Students