The results are in!

To view a full breakdown of our elections, click here. 

Your elected Student Council for 2019/2020 are:

Independent Chair: Aurelia Samuyenga


Open Positions: 

Ghadier Mohammed Justin Shoulson  

PR Campus Rep: Leen Salah

KP Campus Rep: Josephine Miller 


KH Campus Rep: Tom Keiran


RV Campus Rep: Ahamed KMR 


SEC Senior Course Rep: Stephen Koomson

KSA Senior Course Rep: Martin Hush 


BSS Senior Course Rep: Nile Storm Banks


HSCE Senior Course Rep: Rita Nwosu


LGBT+ Community Rep: Shane Simpkin

BME Community Rep: Dominique Hamilton 

Women's Community Rep: Emma Campbell 

Disabled & Mental Health Community Rep: Osayuki Igbinoba

International Community Rep: Salam Aazam 


Postgrad & Part-Time Community Rep: Prerna Badepally

 KU Cares Community Rep: Lola Kareem 

Professional Practice & Commuter Community Rep: Iqra Mahamed

Societies Working Group Chair: Matt Debenham

Sports Working Group Chair: Harry Moore


More details on Student Council will follow shortly!