The Student Academic Development Research Associate Scheme (SADRAS) 2015/16 is well underway.

SADRAS enables students and staff to work in partnership in the design and implementation of research, to enhance the academic experience of students and collaborative research experience of staff at the university.

It supports the University's “Led by Learning” strategy,enabling students to actively contribute to course development.

SADRAS enables students to undertake paid research, giving them an opportunity to make a positive change to the learning experience at Kingston.


Proposals were sumitted in November, with applications approved on November 24th.

The Inducion event for all approved projects will take place this Friday, December 4th in room PRJG4002 from 2pm- 5pm.



Please find this year's Criteria and Application form documents here Word Doc / PDF


Please read on for further information about the SADRAS Scheme

Joint Student/staff teams are invited to submit project proposals which aim to improve student experience.

These must include and make reference to at least one of the overarching strategic priorities for students:

  • Retention and progression
  • Attainment
  • Employability

SADRAS is funded through the Kingston University Access Agreement which requires that projects must have a demonstrable impact that will benefit at least one of the underrepresented groups below:

  • Disabled Students
  • Students from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds (BME)
  • Mature students
  • Students from lower socio economic backgrounds
  • Students who are care leavers

Ideas for projects may have arisen from Staff Student Consultative Committees or other formal student consultations but may also be provoked by individual thoughts, ideas and experiences.  Project proposals should be submitted by either students or staff but must demonstrate how staff and students work in equal partnership.Project proposals must address all of the following criteria:


  • The project is tackling a current student experience issue
  • Alignment of the bid with the overarching themes and target groups of students outlined above
  • Potential impact
  • The research method
  • Demonstration of equal partnership between students and staff
  • Feasibility of the bid


Paid Research

Each project will be funded up to a maximum of 100 hours of paid student work (@ £10 per hour) with approximately 20-25 projects funded.

Key dates in 2015/16:

  • 16th November, 5pm                Proposal Submission Deadline:
  • 27th November                         Notification of outcome:

All succesful project teams must agree to commit to the following:

  • 4th December, 2 - 5pm              Attend induction event
  • 18th December                         Submit application for ethical approval.
  • 13th Jan – 10 February              Present at the Festival of Learning
  • 18th March                               Submit Interim Report
  • 25th May 2 - 5pm                      Present findings at the SADRAS Conference
  • 27th May                                  Submit Final Report

A minimum of one student and one member of staff from each team must attend the induction event and present a poster at the SADRAS conference.  At least one student member from each team must present the poster of plans and progress at the Festival of LearningEach project team must update their reflective blog each week.


If you require advice or have any questions about the scheme, please email student support staff Kadija and Saunia on

SADRAS is funded through the Office for Fair Access (OFFA) via the Access Working Group (AWG). The scheme is jointly managed by the Centre for Higher Education Research andPractice (CHERP) and the Union of Kingston Students to ensure the student voice is prominent in an academic community that drives forward-learning, teaching, research and innovation.