a step by step guide on how to join societies can be found here.

the list below details all of our faith-based, academic, liberation and campaigning, cultural, arts and activities based societies. if you have a query please email societies@kingston.ac.uk.






       Business Society

       Chinese Medicine Society (Based in Reading)

       Creative Writing 

       KU Economics Society

       Environment Hazards and Disasters Society (KUEHD)

       KU Pharmacy Students Association (KUPSA) 

       KU Law Society

       The Matrix Society 

       MeDeVet Society

       Midwifery Society

       Nursing Society 

       Nutrition Society

       Psychology Society 








       Afro-Caribbean Society (ACS)

       Arab Society 

       Filipino Society

       KU German Appreciation Society 

       Mauritian Society

       North African Society

       Pakistani Society

       Palestinian Society

       Somali Society

       Sri Lankan Society











       AhlulBayt Islamic Society

       Christian Union (CU)

       Desi Society

       Discover Life Society

       Hindu Society

       Islamic Society (ISOC)

       Kharis on Campus

       Krishna Consciousness Society

       Sikh Society 

       Wisdom Gospel Choir








       A Cappella Society (The Kingstones)

       Cyber Security Society

       Drama Acting Theatre & Social Society

       Save a Baby's Life 

       Shipping Society

      Topical Talks Society

     Video Gaming, Anime, Sci-fi and Tabletop Gaming












       LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and more)