Sport and Societies Accreditation Scheme (SSAS)

here at the Union, we want to continue rewarding you for all the hard work you do when running your society or sports club! you create such a positive image for the Union of Kingston Students and the University alike so we have developed this accreditation scheme to help you progress your sports clubs and societies and to reward your hard work. this scheme covers everything from hosting events with other sports or societies to creating links with local institutions like schools and charities.

what do you guys need to do? well, that’s easy, we have outlined several tasks that we think are an important part of society or sports club life. each task has been sorted into 3 levels Bronze, Silver and Gold with each having its own set of rewards. for sports clubs, each level will have to have at least 13 completed tasks in order to progress onto the next level and to unlock the rewards.

we have identified these tasks as key components in making your sports club or society great! From raising money for charity to running events and volunteering, with some performance targets for our competing sports clubs.  

events can be used to complete multiple tasks, for example hosting a charity event with over 50 people in attendance will count towards you charity tasks and hosting a big ticketed event task.


providing evidence

depending on what task you have completed we may ask you to provide some evidence. each task will have a designated number which refers to the type of evidence we will require as seen below.

1. copy of the document or receipt

2. please send a copy of online social media/email event and invites sent to members.

3. please submit photo proof.

4. please submit the minutes.

5. please submit a copy of the contract.

in order to be considered for SSAS you are required to submit 2 forms throughout the year, one in semester 1 (December) and one in semester 2 (March). You can find these forms on the student union website under committee resources.

those who have been successful in their applications will have their level achieved announced at Sports Awards or Society Awards.

you will hold this level for one year, so if you forget to complete these tasks and submit an application the following year, you will lose your accreditation. your challenge now is to build on the hard work of the committee before you!