Volunteering Awards

Get Recognised. Get Awarded.

We are always excited to celebrate our volunteers and the amazing things that they do in the local community. Our Volunteering Awards are a great way to acknowledge what you have been up to and to be proud and promote what you do. They also look great on your CV and help to inspire others to get involved in volunteering and social action too. The evening itself is also a fantastic way to network with charities, meet equally dedicated volunteers and to have a fun evening celebrating your achievements. 

For the 2017 Volunteering Awards, we threw a party at the Rose Theatre. It was a great evening, and a fabulous way to say thank you to everyone who gave up their time to help volunteer and make a difference. 

2017 Award Winners

Biggest Contribution to Volunteering Whilst at University

Winner: Jessica De Burgh 

Jessica has been a huge advocate of volunteering throughout her time at Kingston University. She co-created the project Happy Us, which focuses upon teaching mindfulness skills to primary school children. Jessica also spent the summer of 2017 volunteering in India, as part of the Kingston:Lebara Indian Cultural Exchange, teaching English workshops to school children and crafts to their mothers (with the ultimate aim that they may be able to create small business).

Best Newcomer to Volunteering

Winner: Alex Elsey

Alex volunteered as part of the BeeAware team, helping to raise awareness of environmental issues facing bees. He helped run various events, including honey tastings and dressing up as the project mascot, Bertie the Bee.

Biggest Contribution to Volunteering by a Staff Member 

Winner: Rita White

Rita has volunteered as the Kingston Hill beekeeper for the past two years, dedicating many hours to the role. She maintains the hives, counts the bees, organises volunteer hive checkers and helped to harvest the honey. Without the beekeeper, the hives would not be able to run.

Volunteering Organisation of the Year

Winner: Kingston Carers' Network

Kingston Carers' Network work with carers across Kingston to ensure that they are supported with a wide range of services. They also run fun activities to ensure that young carers are given free time, and an opportunity for respite. They have provided a wide range of volunteering roles for our students, and recieved glowing reviews from volunteers for their experiences.

Biggest Contribution to Volunteering by a Society

Winner: ISOC

ISOC demonstrated a huge passion for helping with charitable initatives across the academic year, taking part in a variety of volunteering projects, including hygiene collection packs for Syria, and volunteering with the homeless.

Student-Led Volunteering Project of the Year

Winner: Share the Warmth: Coat Collection for Refugees

Headed up Elif Bulut, this project got the whole University involved in collecting coats for refugees. They partnered with Anaya Aid to send coats to Syria, for individuals in need, and were so successful that the project is being run again in December 2017.   

Biggest Contribution to Volunteering by a Sports Team

Winner: Taekwondo Club

The Taekwondo Club worked together to create an activity day for young carers in Kingston. They taught everyone some basic moves, as well as how to break their own block of wood with just one kick!

Community Placement Volunteer of the Year

Winner: Jacob Hamilton

Jacob dedicated many hours to supporting environmental based volunteering. He participated in two thames river cleans helping haul trollies and rubbish from the Thames. He also volunteered with the Biodiversity Office on many of their sustainability events. 

Nominations for the 2018 Volunteering Awards will open in March 2018.