By making a booking with Not My Beautiful House, you agree to our terms and conditions. 


1.1 Bookings are non-transferable. We only provide counter space and access to electricity – stallholders will need to provide their own equipment and request for space for additional tables if required etc.   

1.2 Not My Beautiful House’s decisions are final regarding booking acceptance and layout of the space. Whilst every effort will be made to meet the requirements of the booking holder, Not My Beautiful House cannot guarantee a particular position within the space.  

1.3 Set-up instructions will be issued to booking holders prior to the date of the booking and we ask that these instructions are strictly adhered to. Staff will be on-site to answer any questions on the date.  

1.4 The space is officially open for trading from Wednesday to Sunday between the hours of 11am – 6pm. If you wish to make a booking outside of the officially opening hours, this is possible but all arrangements will need to be confirmed beforehand and Not My Beautiful House or Union of Kingston Students’ staff members will be on-site for all bookings.

1.5 Anyone selling illegal, counterfeit or inappropriate goods will be removed from site and the relevant authorities informed.  

1.6 Not My Beautiful House regrets that refunds cannot be given for bookings cancelled by stallholders. If due to exceptional circumstances Not My Beautiful House were to close and the booking is cancelled, due to an act of terroism/ an act of God such as adverse weather conditions, booking fees cannot be refunded.  

1.7 If your booking requires a stand, they must not be dismantled or moved prior to the closing time of the space unless authorised by a member of staff.  If you do sell out of stock please leave your stand tidy displaying promotional material for your business with a notice stating ‘Sold Out’. Failure to comply will be noted and future bookings may be refused. If you have a booking, you can make an agreement to set up before the space opens from 10:30am and you must be off of the site by 6:15pm unless prior agreements have been made. 

1.8 No vehicles are permitted to park on site, booking holders must use paid parking within the town centre.

1.9 If you need to use your vehicle to unload, please inform us when filling out the booking form so we can try to make arrangements however this is not guaranteed, and parking is not the responsibility of Not My Beautiful House.

1.10 Booking holders need to provide their own refrigeration and any other equipment necessary for the safe handling of all chilled goods. If you are bringing refrigeration equipment on-site, please specify in your booking form.

1.11 Booking holders are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure they comply with the law in all aspects of food hygiene, health and safety, employment, licensing, trading standards and any other relevant legislation.  

1.12 Every stallholder is responsible for carrying out a risk assessment of their stand and to ensure that all potential risks are minimized; hazards should be identified and protective/preventative measures implemented.  

1.13 Stallholders must only sell what is stated on their booking form.  

1.14 If alcohol will be sold, the booking holder must send all relevant licensing documents to Not My Beautiful House before arriving on-site.  

1.15 NO GENERATORS are allowed.   

Public Liability Insurance  

2.1 Booking holders are responsible for the insurance of their own property and must have current Public Liability Insurance where appropriate. They must also hold Product and Employer Liability Insurance where appropriate.  

2.2 Booking holders must have details of their insurance cover and certificates with them for inspection at the event.  

2.3 Booking holders shall not hold Not My Beautiful House responsible for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of any exhibit, goods, property or equipment.  

Health and Safety  

3.1 All bookings must meet Health & Safety Standards in line with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Health and Safety officials will inspect the site.  

3.2 Booking holders may be inspected by Environmental Health, Trading Standards Officers, or any other professional body.  

3.3 Booking holders who use powered appliances must supply the relevant safety certificates as well as fire extinguishers and adequate barriers around the powered equipment.  

3.4 All food businesses must provide details of the local Authority their business is registered with their Food Hygiene certificate where appropriate, which is available for inspection on the day.  

3.5 NO COOKING is allowed on-site. No open fires or gas cooking will be authorised in the space and if a vendor intends to cook on-site, they will be asked to leave and their booking will be cancelled and not refunded.  

3.6 All electrical equipment must be PAT tested with a current sticker/certificate with the equipment.