What can I do? (Top tips)

trying to get the whole world to start living sustainably, sounds like a huge challenge, and it is. but we can all contribute by making small changes in our own day to day lives.

we've pulled together this handy list of what you can do to be more sustainable 

try and take public transport wherever possible!

  • kingston is served by two main line train stations (kingstin and surbiton) from london waterloo out to surrey and south west london
  • there are vast number of TFL's finest big red buses linking us to nearby towns and independent buses out to surrey
  • KU's very own inter campus hybrid bus service 
  • KU's electric bike scheme (we highly reccomend whizzing down kingston hill- safely of course!) 
  • or if you can, why not walk? good for the mind, body and soul

can you switch plastic out of your life?  

  • TAKE. A. REUSABLE. BAG. SHOPPING. WITH. YOU - please! As a nation we get through a shocking number of plastic bags (over a billion)
  • instead of plastic straws, why not metal, paper or flexible reusable straws? (if you can)
  • instead of cling film and shrink wrap, why not switch to beeswax food wraps? 
  • invest in a reusable water bottle and fill up at water stations around campus 
  • invest in a reusable coffee/tea/hot chocolate/hot milk/hot drink cup. If you use a reusable cup, most coffee outlets provide you with a discount. at KU it's 20p.
  • for all those who menstruate, could you switch to reusable sanitary cloths/ menstrual cups/ special period underwear 
  • buy compostible bin bags 
  • switch to bamboo: combs, toothbrushes, pens/pencils, resuable utensils etc
  • for our parents and carers, can you switch to cloth diapers? 

switch it off- save electricity 

  • done with your laptop? turn it off
  • done with your tv? turn it off from the mains 
  • done with your computer monitor? turn it off 
  • done with the light?- turn it off (no light houses here!)
  • done charging your phone? turn it off 
  • extension cable with lots of plugs? turn if off when not in use
  • wash your clothes at a lower temperature 
  • turn down your thermostat 

other small things 

  • switch to web browser ecosia- they donate 80% of their profits to non for profits that plant trees
  • donate, sell or swap clothes you no longer like instead of sending them to landfill 
  • avoid fast fashion, do you know where you clothes are sourced, how they are made, who made them?
  • grow your own, grab a couple of small pots and grow your favourite herbs on your windowsill
  • don't run the tap whilst you brush your teeth 
  • if the heatings on, close your windows
  • if you can; double glaze your home, get a smart metre, if you use a vehicle, when buying a car look at purchasing petrol or hybrid models 
  • look for buying fairtrade products when you are shipping 
  • use your sphere of influence to raise awareness of small changes people can do e.g. is your place of work practicing sustainability, is your place of worship carrying out sustainable practices, is your local gym being sustainable. start asking the question! 

if you think we've missed something or want to add your own idea, let us know ukssustainability@kingston.ac.uk