this is where you will find all the information on running your student group effectively as well as answers to any questions you may have.

for example, information on room bookings; making payments and reimbursements; planning an event or trip and getting funding for your society and more are read.

please use this as your primary point of call for any information you require.

please refer to our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered.

if you can't find what you are looking for, please contact and we will do our best to answer your query.

please note that our response time is 3-5 working days though we do try to get back to you as speedily as we can.


Committee Resources

Committees, AGMs, Elections and Handovers

here you can find all the guidelines to being a committee member. if you have questions regarding conducting online or offline elections, changing your society's constitution, giving the Societies' Office the correct committee details etc., you can find all the answers in the documents below.

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Committee Training

here you can find all things to do with society committee training. society training sessions are held right throughout the academic year as we understand new societies can start at any point. however, the main session will take place before the start of term. society committee training will take place in September for this year's incoming committees. every committee member MUST attend training to ensure they are aware of societies policies and procedures as they change each year. if you require the society committee training slides as a refresher throughout the year then please contact the societies office on

please find the committee training schedule and the zoom links HERE.

below are some useful resource packs:








Booking 1:1 Meetings with Courtney 

here you can book a 1:1 meeting with the Societies Development Coordinator to discuss anything you would like in regards to your society. 

click here to book a 1:1 meeting

*note that you may only book meetings between Mon - Thurs, 10:00 -12:30.

please use this recurring zoom link

meeting ID: 883 3529 7755
passcode: 318994

*note that if you have not booked an appointment, you will not be let into the zoom meeting.



finance is one of the most important aspects of running your society. we know trying to wrap your head around finance systems can seem confusing. here you will find step by step guidelines to checking your society’s accounts, submitting finance requests etc.




committee faqs

can the union help to promote society events?

yes, in many ways, depending on how much notice you can provide and the nature and scale of your event, although the main responsibility for promotion must rest with your Events/ Media Officer as organisers.

the Union can promote your event on the SU website under the 'Events' display. your event can also be promoted on the SU's Societies Instagram page @kingstonuniversitysocieties.

the Union can also put up your posters and flyers (with the union's stamp) on the official noticeboards and communal spaces across campus. however, if you put them on random doors and walls then they will just take them down again!

if I want to sell tickets online, what is the procedure I need to follow?

it’s a really simple process, your Events/ Media Officer or Secretary must first set up an event on your group page on the website. you will then need to create an event ticket (you can have as many types as you like e.g. early birds, Alumni). enter all the other required information including when you want tickets to go on sale, who can buy them and how many and then email with what you want the ticket price to be. please note, you will not be able add the price yourself and it must be done by a societies staff member.

what is the balance on my society account?

please email the Students’ Union at requesting your account balance, please determine which account either your funding account or your membership account.

why has my invoice not been paid?

the union processes all its invoices on Wednesday and it usually takes 3-5 working days to reach the recipient's account. it’s so important that you put the account holders name, sort code and account number on the invoice when you send it to us. if we don’t have this information it can cause delays and prevent invoices being paid. if you have done all this, please drop us an email and we can make sure that your invoice has been processed or organise for it to be processed.

can we get a float for an event?

please email the Students’ Union at with a detailed request for a float seven days before your event. this will include the date of the event and the amount needed. you will obtain an email stating when you can pick your float up.

do I need evidence to support my claim for expenses?

yes, please attach receipts and invoices to your Cahs Request form available under 'Committee Resources' on the SU website.


Updates for Committee Members

here you will find all the current information needed about all things societies. if you are behind on emails, you can check this space for all you need to know. this page will be constantly updated.


we have decided to allow students to join societies for FREE for Semester 1.  alumni may pay for membership for Semester 1 if you wish to do so. at the start of Semester 2, should a student wish to partake in your activities they will need to pay.


this year we will have our usual additional monthly funding pot, where you can apply for funds between £80-150.

we also have an additional pot 'Student-Led Events' of funds for you to apply for any Semester 1 event. 

this will make up for your 'members', not paying membership for the first semester. 

you will be notified during committee training when you may start applying for funds.


there is an opportunity to be apart of the SWG team.

positions available - Faith Rep, Liberation and Campaigns Rep, Arts and Activities Rep, Academic Rep &Cultural Rep.

what does SWG do? they meet once a month to allocate society funding, help facilitate global festival and awards, attend meetings such as student council and faith network, make important decisions like ratifying societies regarding the Union.

please email us if you are interested in running. 


please note that ALL events will be virtual events for Semester 1 until further notice.

If we have caught wind of any in-person events without authorisation your society will be fined from your membership account and committee members may be removed.

Society Promotions

we would love it if your committee could make a quick video introducing yourselves, and the kind of activities and events offered by your society.

you can then post these on your society's Instagram and the Societies' Instagram will repost, if you could also send the video to us via email (, the deadline for promotional videos - 14th Sep.

we will make a compilation video advertising all societies, which will then go on the Societies landing page on the union website.

also, we will be promoting some 'interest forms' for freshers HERE. they will fill them out and it will be sent to your committee members, you can then inform them about your society. 

Fresher's Fair

fresher's fair will be virtual this year,  each society will select a day between 14th -19th and time between 11 am - 4 pm.

you will all have an hour slot that will essentially be a Q&A session for freshers. all committee members or at least half should be in attendance.

the slots are first come first serve - so please send over your desired day and time ASAP.


Media Resources 

here you will find the Union's logos. you may use these on your promotional items like posters and banners.


 Union Logo Black , Union Logo White,  Union Logo Purple


Events & Trips

here you will find all the relevant information needed to plan your society's events. running fun events consistently is a great way to recruit new members, raise awareness and money and provide socialising opportunities.

please do your best to submit these forms in a timely fashion, preferably a week before the event.


Non-KU Attendance List


Health & Safety

here you will find important forms regarding risk assessments. risk assessments are very important! they help to reduce the risks of accidents and ill health that can cause physical and financial trouble!

it is very important that a risk assessment is completed for society events and gatherings. please make sure you have informed the society office of your event and they can advise you on what to do next.

here are some risk assessments to look at and use: